Best Practice Amps for Guitar

Being a guitar player poses its challenges. One of the most nutritious ones being that we like noise! We like to play loud. We like to feel the walls shake and the floor vibrate as we crank up the volume to 11. Why is it so satisfying to play loudly though? It’s because you just … Read more

The Best Audio Interfaces for Guitar

One of the most convenient ways to record guitar on a computer is by using an audio interface. In that way you don’t have to worry about amplifiers or cabinets. To sum up, an audio interface is the centre of any professional or home recording studio. It allows you to connect instruments, microphones, headphones, speakers, … Read more

How to Record Guitar on a Computer

You’ve just came up with a great new riff or song on your guitar, but you have no way to record it properly. Well, at least record the idea on your phone for later, as to not forgot it. But how can you actually record a guitar to a professional level though? So, that it … Read more