Is an Audio Interface a Preamp?

Audio interfaces are the heart of any recording studio. They’re the in-between device between from your computer to your microphones, instruments, speakers, headphones, and other audio gear. Without them you wouldn’t be able to record high-quality music, or route audio as you desire. But is an audio interface a preamp? In this article answer your … Read more

Is an Audio Interface a DAC?

So, you’ve either bought an audio interface, or you’re thinking about buying one. Regardless, you have one question in mind. Is an audio interface a DAC? In this article I’ll answer your question and explain in detail what DAC is, why it’s needed, what an audio interface is, and help you to decide if you … Read more

Is the Focusrite Scarlett a Preamp?

The Focusrite Scarlett series of audio interfaces have become a standard in many home and professional recording studios. I have the 18i8 model and love it. They’re affordable, well-made, durable, and sound brilliant. Maybe you have one already, or maybe you’re thinking about buying one, but regardless, you’re wondering ‘is the Focusrite Scarlett a preamp?’. … Read more