Why is Music Production So Expensive?

Once you begin your home recording journey and start looking into audio gear, you might be thinking ‘why is music production so expensive?’. Well, I can’t disagree. Music production can get ridiculously expensive, but ONLY if you let it. Like all specialised niches, specialised equipment is required. It’s easy to fall into the gear trap, … Read more

Why is Music Production So Hard?

A question I get asked a lot is ‘why is music production so hard?’. Well, I would challenge that question. Now granted I studied Audio Production at university, but I started learning by myself years prior. Back then YouTube was barely established, so I didn’t even have video tutorials to follow. I learned the old-fashioned … Read more

Is Making Music Hard?

Is making music hard? To me that’s very ambiguous question. Making music falls under a lot of topics, such as song-writing, music composition, writing lyrics, music production, and co-writing music in a band or group. So, which one are you asking about? Regardless, making any type of music is not easy. Even experienced professional musicians … Read more