Aston Spirit Review – A New Gold Standard

Aston Spirit Review – A New Gold Standard Product: Aston Spirit Price: $449 / £269Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon My Rating: Pros  +Professional sound+Robust build quality+Great value for money +Competitive price Cons –Some may not like the added high end “A microphone is not just a functional tool. It is a musical instrument, and the … Read more

Why is Music Production So Expensive?

Once you begin your home recording journey and start looking into audio gear, you might be thinking ‘why is music production so expensive?’. Well, I can’t disagree. Music production can get ridiculously expensive, but ONLY if you let it. Like all specialised niches, specialised equipment is required. It’s easy to fall into the gear trap, … Read more

Why is Music Production So Hard?

A question I get asked a lot is ‘why is music production so hard?’. Well, I would challenge that question. Now granted I studied Audio Production at university, but I started learning by myself years prior. Back then YouTube was barely established, so I didn’t even have video tutorials to follow. I learned the old-fashioned … Read more

Is Making Music Hard?

Is making music hard? To me that’s very ambiguous question. Making music falls under a lot of topics, such as song-writing, music composition, writing lyrics, music production, and co-writing music in a band or group. So, which one are you asking about? Regardless, making any type of music is not easy. Even experienced professional musicians … Read more

Does an Audio Interface Reduce CPU Usage?

Audio interfaces do an excellent job at multitasking. They allow you to record, playback, and route high-quality audio, amplify quiet signals, supply phantom power to condenser microphones, and reduce latency. They really are a must have for any recording studio, but does an audio interface reduce CPU usage? After all, if your computer’s CPU is … Read more

Is an Audio Interface a DI Box?

Audio interfaces are not only multifunctional, they work magic. Allowing you to connect microphones, instruments, headphones, studio monitors, and plenty of other external audio gear. They convert analog and digital signals, amplify weak ones, all whilst processing and recording high-quality audio. They are the epicentre of any recording studio. But is an audio interface a … Read more

Is an Audio Interface a Sound Card?

I remember when I first got my audio interface. There were a lot of buttons, controls, and words that I didn’t really understand the meaning of. It took me some time to get to grips with some of the more technical terms that come with the territory. You’re here because you’re wondering about sound cards. … Read more

Is an Audio Interface a Preamp?

Audio interfaces are the heart of any recording studio. They’re the in-between device between from your computer to your microphones, instruments, speakers, headphones, and other audio gear. Without them you wouldn’t be able to record high-quality music, or route audio as you desire. But is an audio interface a preamp? In this article answer your … Read more

Is an Audio Interface a Headphone Amp?

Audio interfaces have lots of physical components specifically designed for audio and music production. This includes analog and digital converters, inputs/outputs, a preamp, gain and volume controls. But what about a headphone amp? Is an audio interface a headphone or amp? In this article I’m going to explain what a headphone amp is, how it … Read more