Why Don’t My Mixes Sound Professional?

At some point or another every aspiring musician, music producer, and audio engineer asks the question ‘why don’t my mixes sound professional?’. I too recall sitting in front my computer, staring at my DAW in frustration after spending hours on a mix, asking myself, what did I do wrong? No doubt you’re wondering the same … Read more

The Best Headphones for Mixing

It’s true that it is generally recommended to mix on studio monitors, but headphones certainly have their place. The most obvious benefit being that if you don’t have a well-treated room, or an area where you can listen to music loudly without disturbing others, then professional mixing headphones are perfect. Thankfully, modern day headphones have … Read more

What is an Equalizer?

An equalizer, also known as an audio EQ is an important tool to master if you want to get your music, or audio sounding professional. When you first open one up though, you may as well be trying to operate a spaceship. If you’re new to audio production then all of those controls, numbers, and … Read more